About Me

I'm a twenty-four year old Christian woman with a vision to know God and make Him known; to love God and love others. I am a homeschool grad and the eldest of seven children. I was born and bred in Australia, and I love my sunburnt great south land of the Holy Spirit. I am a singer and musician, with a passion for making and listening to honest music. Writing is a joy, and I love to dabble with words in many forms, such as blogging, songwriting, or occasional story-crafting. I run a small graphic design business, and am currently breaking into the field of handlettering and calligraphy. 

I drink coffee, savour the smell of cut grass, quote movies, wear cowgirl boots, love to sing at the top of my lungs, read books, am fascinated by storms, drive with my windows down and the music up, play tennis, adore spending time with family, enjoy studying and discussing the Word, hang lots of laundry, type fast, am captivated by mountain splendour, have incredible friends around the world, long to see His kingdom come, yearn to know my Saviour God and Friend more and more, and make Him known by His love in me. 
By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. (Jn. 13:35)

What's with the name?

My first venture into the world wide web came with a dire need for a username, and I was stumped until my Mum enlightened me with the perfect suggestion: BushMaid. It comes from the title of a dearly loved book from my childhood by one Mary Grant Bruce, called A Little Bush Maid. It follows the life of a girl growing up on a homestead in the bush of rural Australia in the early 1900's, who had a childhood not that dissimilar from my own. It was with much fondness I adopted the name, and became known as "Bushy" for many years online. It also eventually became the name for my designing business. So although I have personalised my blog to include my real name, "BushMaid" is so much a precious nickname and part of my identity now that I could never part with it. I'm still called "Bushy" by some today and I think it sums me up very well: a girl from the Australian bush.